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Introduction to HRS: Welcome

Why HRS?

What makes us different? It's all about the people... It's the time we take at interview to get to know the workers... It's the small extra job details we get from the clients that help the job run smoothly... It's the way we treat our workers, the way in which everyone deserves to be treated.

Immediate Starts

Once we have spoken to you over the phone and booked  you in to see us it can all happen pretty quickly. We will need to register you and check your credentials then (subject to us gaining satisfactory references) we can get you out working straight away, even sometimes on the same day!

Flexible Hours

You let us know when you want to work and we will try to accommodate you. Yes, many of our jobs are 5 days a week but we do get lots of 'ad-hoc' work, which is ideal if you are only available for a few days a week, perhaps if you want an extra income to supplement another job or if you are  semi-retired. Whatever your situation we can always find a solution that fits around you.

Weekly Pay

You get paid directly into your bank the week after you have worked, on a Thursday.  We handle all deductions for PAYE staff.

Holiday Pay

You are entitled to 28 days (pro rata) holiday pay, and may be entitled to extra holidays as a result of the Agency Workers Regulations.

Variety of work and flexibility of job choice.

We have work to suit all categories of drivers, from vans up to Class 1 and also driver’s mates, FLT drivers and warehouse staff, along with clerical and engineering work.  You have the choice to either accept or decline any work which we offer you!

Extra references and experience for your CV

Some people use agency work as a stepping-stone between jobs, where they can gain experience in new areas of work or learn new skills as many of our client’s offer ongoing training in some of their positions.  Also, we can provide work references for you if you require them for any other jobs you may apply for.

Company Perks

Some clients offer extra perks to our workers from day one, from a subsidised canteen to discount on a variety of goods.  Since the introduction of the Agency Worker Regulations in October 2011, once you have completed 12 weeks on an assignment you are eligible for the same pay and perks as permanent staff.

Finding a Permanent Job

Many of our workers go on to become permanent employees of our clients, a fact which we are extremely proud of.  This means that we must be doing our job properly.

Why not call one of our friendly team on 01924 888118 to discuss how we can help you.

Introduction to HRS: In the Press
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